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725 West Kirkwood Ave. Blooomington, Indiana
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New location! Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe now located at 2620 North Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN by Appointment with Open Studio Times to be announced.



Tall Spicy Ginger Mint on ice with lemon balm
Head Balm
Hops Rose
Chocolate Chamomile
Jellies before labeling
Owl & Pussy Cat's Berry Green Jelly Scones


The Wellness Arts Cafe and Quilter's Comfort are now LOCATED AT 2620 NORTH WALNUT, SUITE 915 IN EXECUTIVE PARK NORTH!

Lemon Balm

In persuit of flavor and developing community relationships, Quilter's Comfort Certified Organic proprietary products focuses on developing gourmet, herbal artisinal herbal products that include tea blends, L.A.O. Organic nightshade free herbal seasoning mixes, herbal rubs and dips, herbal jellies (beer, wine and coffee), syrups and bodycare products. All Quilter's Comfort products are lovingly blended with attention and appreciation.

Quilter's Comfort is creating a line of locally sourced blends crafted from plants grown using organic principles and permaculture practices. Locally we want to be part of developing a strong local food security system and extend our food treasures to your family and community.


ll 725 West Kirkwood Ave! You will be remembered with love and appreciation for the life stories experienced there.

Namaste to everyone who ventured through that door. I look forward to continuing to share my products, skills and services with you!

Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe window  box with spring volunteer squash.

COMFORT ZONE A gentle blend of Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Rose Hips, Rose Petals, Elderberries, Sage, Thyme Herbal Tea
OWL & PUSSY CAT'S BERRY GREEN Uplifting, nurturing Owl and Pussy Cat's Berry Green  contains Nettles , Red Raspberry Leaves , Thyme , Alfalfa , Oat Straw , Hojicha Green Tea , Elder Berry  and Rose Hips. Available as tea, jelly or syrup
Herbal Tea
Lemon Balm (Strawberry Leaves (, Red Raspberry Leaves, Hyssop, Rose Petals, and Thyme supports and nurtures health love. Available as tea, jelly. or syrup
Herbal Tea
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Original Image, Copywrite, Artist, Patricia C. Coleman, for permissions contact artinfo(at)hartrock.net
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Green Dove
Ichiyo (One Leaf)  Dharma Supplies.
Iced Spicy Ginger Mint
B.J. Heart Arts offers Qigong, Yoga, Reconnective Healing
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, IN
Sanshin Zen Community, 1726 S. Olive St., Bloomington, IN 47401
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Player's Pub's Bluesy Green - QUILTER'S COMFORT is the Official Local Tea of the Players Pub HOME TO BLOOMINGTON'S MUSIC
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Yuko and Ai discussing Green Tea Ceremony
Visit Quilter's Comfort in Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe 2620 North Walnut Street, Bloomington, Indiana. Currently by appointment only and Open Studio times!
This little guy get around the shop.  He has also been spotted in other food estblishments!
"I cannot sit and chat with you, the way I'd like to do.
So brew yourself a cup of tea, I'll think of you, you think of me.
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Quilter's Comfort, P.O. Box 8172, Bloomington, IN 47407, USA

email - quilterscomfort@gmail.com

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